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National Management Degree College(NMDC) is a college situated in the downtown area of Yangon, not only having a locational advantage but breeding graduates with high enthusiasm in diverse business areas.  NMDC is now offering a diverse set of applicable subjects: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, JOURNALISM, TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT and ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL PURPOSES to the students who earned a high matriculation marks and have a keen interest & strong passion on professional business-related subjects.

National Management Degree College has its own unique attribute  of visibility which can be seen as distinct quality of the college  for upgrading intelligent students,  building up constructive attitude on a wide range of academic and social activities, grasping the opportunity from the challenging environment as well as rising up  intense  spirit and intention for advancement through empowering students to undertake the college activities  and  creating a positive network between college and  other  industries,  arranging  contemporary events  such as  workshop, seminar and knowledge sharing activity for each major unit.

One of the visible things is practicing a trustworthy rating system for recognizing the achievement of students not only for counting formal exam procedure but for extra -curriculum activities of the students. Updated teaching methods of using cases, presentation & assignments for individual and group work as well as 360-degree evaluation technique are also distinctive features of NMDC. NMDC has not only enhancing academically related activity but also supporting the needed facilities and ideas in managing, cooperating and coordinating other extra curriculum activities of literature, music, sports, scout, red cross, art, language clubs.

With high appreciation on taking the responsibility of a principal of NMDC, shaping on NMDC  brand to a world acceptable & recognizable one which is composed of well-defined academic programs in Myanmar, we have been  strongly instructing the right strategic direction for the development of quality assurance programme from the whole perspective of NMDC mainly focusing on constructing a  reliable   academic system associated with  efficient &  effective administrative procedures that leads to sustainability of our college, NMDC  in the future.

Vision of NMDC

“Our vision is to be regarded as a well-recognized IT related Business Management University in Myanmar.”

Mission Statement of NMDC

“NMDC, inspiring business-oriented college, will convey well managed higher education process  based on  IT related business management centric, student-centered experience arisen from notable research, informative best practice in academic ground and social engagement through creating a constructive network among empowered students, qualified faculty members, considerate & obliging service providers and supportive partners from diverse business areas.”

"Education is the most important thing you have in Career!"

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