Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)

Introduction to Journalism           

The BA(Journalism) is a four-year programme made up of 28 core courses. Each year is separated into two semesters and each semester made up of six modules. Students take part in an industry internship in the third year and fourth year semester break. The learning outcomes of modules are assessed in a number of ways including through the practical news reporting and writing assignments and feature writing, editing, final examinations, and tutorial led, presentations and practical application of learning. The term paper is to be presented during the second semesters by the final year students. Teaching will be made up of a combination of structured lecture and practical learning. To supplement learning guest speakers and media professionals and experts will conduct regular seminars. Learning resources include e-learning materials created especially for this programme.

Programme Aims

  • To provide a high-quality educational experience in line with expected international standards
  • Students will be supported in the development of a strong academic and professionally focused knowledge and skills base that will contribute towards a career in media.
  • To provide teaching and learning that is responsive to the changing media environment through a well developed UNESCO model curriculum

What you will learn in Undergraduate course

First Year
JNL- 1101 Journalism and Society (4-credits)
မ ၁၀ဝ၁ ျမန္မာစာ (3-credits)
ENG-1001 English (3-credits)
JNL- 1001 History (3-credits)
JNL- 1002 Geography (3-credits)
AM- 1001 Aspects of Myanmar (3-credits)
မ ၁၀ဝ၂ ျမန္မာစာ (3-credits)
ENG-1002 English II (3-credits)
JNL- 1103 History of Journalism (3-credits)
JNL- 1003 Psychology (3-credits)
AM- 1002 Aspects of Myanmar (3-credits)
JNL- 1102 Reporting and Writing I (4-credits)
Second Year
ENG-2001 English (3-credits)
JNL- 2101 Language for Journalists (4-credits)
JNL- 2102 Media Law (4-credits)
JNL- 2103 Reporting & Writing II (4-credits)
JNL- 2001 Math for Journalists (3-credits)
JNL- 2002 Philosophy   for Journalism (3-credits)
ENG-2002 English (3-credits)
JNL- 2003 Historical development of Political Theories (3-credits)
JNL- 2004 Business Journalism (3-credits)
JNL- 2104 Translation for Journalism (4-credits)
JNL- 2105 Journalism Ethics (4-credits)
JNL- 2106 Reporting & Writing III (4-credits)
Third Year
ENG-3001 English (3-credits)
JNL- 3101 Journalism Management (4-credits)
JNL- 3102 Public Affairs Reporting (4-credits)
JNL- 3103 Newspaper Journalism I (4-credits)
JNL- 3104 Radio Journalism I (4-credits)
JNL- 3105 Photo Journalism (4-credits)
ENG-3002 English (3-credits)
JNL- 3106 Data Journalism (4-credits)
JNL- 3107 International relations (4-credits)
JNL- 3108 Newspaper Journalism II (4-credits)
JNL- 3109 Radio Journalism II (4-credits)
JNL- 3110 Television  Journalism I (4-credits)
Fourth Year
ENG- 4001 English (3-credits)
JNL- 4101 Business and Economic Reporting (4-credits)
JNL- 4102 International Reporting (4-credits)
JNL- 4103 Environmental Journalism (4-credits)
JNL- 4104 Interactive Journalism I (4-credits)
JNL- 4105 Television Journalism II (4-credits)
ENG-4002 English (3-credits)
JNL- 4106 Editorial writing (4-credits)
JNL- 4107 Magazine Journalism (4-credits)
JNL- 4108 Health Journalism (4-credits)
JNL- 4109 Interactive Journalism II (4-credits)
JNL-4110 Reporting Diversity (4-credits)

Internship Information

Internship is a compulsory programme for all students studying journalism.

Print internship is intended to the third-year students after the first semester.

Radio internship is also meant to the third year students after the second semester.

Television internship is planned for the fourth year students after the first semester.

The provided media outlets for internship are

Print internship

(1) Democracy Today Newspaper

(2) Myanmar Times Newspaper

(3) Standard Times Newspaper

(4) 7 days News & Internet Journal

(5) Pyi Myanmar Journal

(6) The Voice Daily  and Weekly Journal

(7) Popular Journal and Kumudea Journal


Radio internship (FM)

(1) MRTV

(2) City FM

(3) Padamyar FM

(4) Mandalay FM/ Teen Radio

(5) Shwe FM

(6) Myanmar International Radio


Television internship

(1) Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV)

(2) Myanmar International Television (MITV)

(3) Skynet Media Group

(4) Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

(5) MNTV

(6) Mizzima TV