Department of Admin

Tasks of Department of Admin

Administration department is implementing to improve the Teaching and management of National Management Degree College. The main tasks of the administration department are the following:

  • Appointment, promotion, and transfer issues
  • Leaves and vacations issues
  • Honorary medal awarding issues
  • Duty report issues
  • Scholarships issues
  • Pension benefits issues
  • Disciplinary and Planning issues
  • Maintaining Service books and
  • Maintaining dispatch records
  • Criminal Penalties issues
  • Periodically processing the instructions and rules of the Ministry of Education
  • In addition, cooperating with the corresponding organizations

Appointment, promotion, and transfer issues are supporting to improve the qualities and abilities of the Teaching Staff and Administration Staff.

Leaves and vacations issues are supporting equity of rights and responsibilities.

Honorary medal awarding issues are awarded for work experience and fulfillment without offense.

Scholarships issues support to improve the abilities, skills and teaching capacities for teaching staff and support to improve the abilities and managerial skills of administration staff.

In Disciplinary and Planning issues, disciplinary is maintaining all of the nation’s staff to obey the standing orders, rules and regulations legislation. Planning is implementing to improve the organizational structure and functional processing in accordance with modern and developing practices.

Daw Soe Sandar Htet Win
Head of Section
Daw Thi Thi Kyaw
Branch of Clerk
Daw Theingi Win
Branch of Clerk
Daw Khin Moe Win
Case Helper