Department of Business and Economics


  • To aspire to make/create business management students to be qualified, committed, capable and accomplishing ones in the relevant IT related business management professional field and to link a constructive network with business partners through providing enriched and enlarged teaching techniques upgraded by quality teaching staff with diverse business knowledge and exposure.


  • To produce and up rise proficient, inspired and applicable business management graduates with IT related diverse business knowledge and experience in the professional business fields.

Long Term Strategic Objectives

  • To create a constructive deeply held and widely share culture in which every student has a strong spirit of possessing positive value, leadership ability, motivation and commitment
  • To offer efficient, creative teaching techniques of faculty members with reliable quality to the students
  • To build a constructive network with external & internal stakeholders (business associates and partners)
  • To seek to connect   IT business experts and partners and invite and participate them in making IT related business decisions and case assignment for curriculum development
  • To uplift faculty members to get enrichment and enlargement in the respective teaching related subject areas
  • To empower students in making freedom decisions for innovative ideas and concepts in the competitive academic industry
  • To develop a motived teaching society in which teachers, students and stakeholders retain mutual understanding spirit and maintain ethical culture.
Dr. Thynn Thynn Myint
Professor ( Head of Department)
Dr. Le Le Wai
Dr.Nyein Nyein
Dr. Nyein Nyein
Associate Professor
Daw Me Me Khin
Daw Me Me Khin
Daw Nan Thida Win
Dr. Win Yin Htike
Daw May Su Myat Htway Aung
Daw Moe Moe Htay
Daw Myint Thuzar Ei
Daw Khin Htar Htar
Daw Khin Htar Htar Thwe
Daw Yee Mon Thant
Daw Chan Myae July
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Mon Mon Oo
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Cho Me Maung Maung
Assistant Lecturer

Structure of Business and Economics Department

Number of staffs of Business and Economics Department

Position Management and Commerce Economics Statistics Total
Professor 1 1 2
Associate Professor
Lecturer 5 2 3 10
Assistant Lecturer 2 1 3
Total 8 4 3 15

Graduated Student Lists

Sr. Academic Year BBM
1 2006-2007 108
2 2007-2008 70
3 2008-2009 157
4 2009-2010 84
5 2010-2011 124
6 2011-2012 105
7 2012-2013 118
8 2013-2014 No one got bachelor degree because of 4 year academic education system
9 2014-2015 130
10 2015-2016 179
11 2016-2017 90
Total 1165