Department of Computer Studies


  • The Department of Computer Studies creates the conditions for Information Communication and Technology growth and opportunity by promoting innovations and supports society by participating in and encouraging technology transfer.


  • The Department of Computer Studies permeates all modern endeavors in community, government and industry, and its role will continue to grow. Through education and research, the Department of Computer Studies builds teaching environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.


  • To achieve this mission and fulfill the vision, there are five goals in the Department of Computer Studies.
    • To teach students how to use computers effectively, creatively, and intelligently;
    • To encourage and participate in interdisciplinary undergraduate educational opportunities at community and government;
    • To teach students how to acquire new knowledge, independently, in a world that changes with ever increasing rapidity;
    • To provide students with experiential learning opportunities, and
    • To create, share, and apply knowledge in Computer Science and to educate students to be successful, and effective problem-solvers.
Dr. Kyaw Moe Min
BSc (Phys), BEd (Phys & Maths), MEd (Adm & Supervision), MSc (Computer Science), Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Associate Professor (Head of Department)
Daw Phyu Moe Nyunt
Daw Phyu Moe Nyunt
BA(Hons:) (Geo), DCSC(Computer), MA (Geo), MSc (Computer Science)
Daw Khaing Me Me Zaw
Daw Khaing Me Me Zaw
BSc (Chem), PGDCA (Computer Application), MSc (Computer Science)