Department of Finance

Tasks of Department of Finance

National Management College was founded on 16th December 2004. It was named as National Management Degree College on 21st, March 2016.

Finance Department plays a fundamental part of National Management Degree College. It is a branch of Administration Department. It is responsible for the monetary for the whole College, including form receiving admission fees and banking to drawing the yearly budget plan.

It has five sections. They are Cash, Account, Pay and expenditures, Budget and Store.

Daw Sein Sein Myint
Head of Branch
Daw Thin Thin Mon
Daw Thin Thin Mon
Head of Section
Daw Htay Htay Win
Accountant (2)
Daw Yu Yu Aung
Branch of Clerk
Daw Thin Thin Khaing
Branch of Clerk
Daw Thandar Lin
Accountant (2)