Department of Myanmar

Brief History of Department of Myanmar

  • Since 2004, Myanmar Department was established as a subsidiary department. It is a department that supports the major specializations, EPP, BBM, TM and JNL. As a subsidiary course, Myanmar Department teaches Compulsory Myanmar and Aspect of Myanmar.
  • The objectives of teaching Myanmar Language are ”to preserve Myanmar culture”, ”to value Myanmar Natural environment”, “to have national enthusiasm, the love of nation and good citizenship”, to upgrade the Myanmar language skills through academic teaching in order to get the understanding of Myanmar education tradition, Myanmar culture and tradition, symbols and characters of Myanmar Language and ethnic languages and the origin of Myanmar language through the teaching of aspect of Myanmar.
  • According to the chronological order, the heads of department of Myanmar department are Dr. Tin Tin Sein (2004-2006), Dr. Khin Yee Win(2006-2008), Dr. Thawe Thawe (2008-2010), Dr. Zaw Win (2010-2012), Daw Khin Aye Myint (2012-2013), Dr. Chaw Su Mar Win (2013-2015) and Dr Myint Myint Naing (2015-present).


  • Upgrading of Myanmar literature and Myanmar language skills
  • To cultivate the patriotism, to love the nation and natural environment, good citizenship as well as to preserve the culture and Myanmar old literature.
  • To support and practice for the academic writing of official language after graduate.


  • To establish a civilized and well-educated society through literature and esthetic.

Institutional educational goals

  • According to the educational goals of NMDC; that is, to produce students with all-round development, Myanmar Department supports to nurture the graduates who have the literature knowledge, language skills and good foundation of cultural behaviour.


  • To give opportunities to acquire the ability to evaluate freely without any influence of teachers.
  • To have transparency between students-teacher relationship and also the assessment.
  • To have mutual respects between the diversity of students with different background.
  • To be able to create and innovate their literary work beyond the prescribed text.
Dr. Myint Myint Naing
B.A(Hons), M.A, Ph.D
Associate Professor (Head of Department)
Dr. Tin Tin Moe
B.A(Q), M.A, M.Res, Ph.D
Dr. Ei Kay Thwe
B.A(Hons), M.A, Ph.D
Daw Mon Mon Thant
Dr Than Min Htike
Dr. Than Min Htike
B.A(Hons), M.A, M.Res, Ph.D
Daw Thri Htun
Daw Thin Mar Soe