Yuzana Hostel

Yuzana hostel is a new hostel for ladies under the National Management Degree College. It is located at the corner of merchant Street & 55th Street. Before Yuzana hostel is established, all the Hostel Students from NMDC stayed at Yuwaddy hostel located in Sanchaung Township. But now, Yuzana hostel keeps 3rd year and 4th year students (except students from EPP).The students were allowed to start staying here on 1st December 2017.Our hostel has five layers and 84 Rooms. 75 students and 7 teachers are currently living at our hostel. The Hostel head is Doctor Thin Thin Myint (Professor, Head of NMDC).She is in charge of all the hostel’s activities and manages to improve the image of our hostel and also of our college. She always gives instructions about hostel’s rules and necessities for the hostel once a week. The students’ roll call is routinely checked by a hall tutor on duty every day at 6pm. All the students from our hostel have to obey all the rules that are described by Yuzana hostel.

All the hostel students have willingness to participate in both hostel and college activities. As an opening ceremony, we made a food donation to our teachers and colleagues from NMDC. To get a green environment, we plant Trees and flowers in our Hostel compound. Our hostel head and hostel students take meditation and say prayers to Buddha every evening. Also, our hostel donated Pillows for National Blood Donation ceremony recently held at NMDC. Yuzana hostel will participate and sell tea-leaves salad on coming 7th Traditional Food Fair. You can also learn more about our hostel on our Facebook page (Yuzana hostel).

The Head-mistress and hall tutors Teachers

The front Side of Yuzana hostel

The back side of the hostel

The Rooms’ Structure of hostel

Yuzana Hostel student’s Room

Dining Room and Delicious foods

While Head Mistress is Giving Instructions to students

Our Shrine Room and The Images of Saying Prayers

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